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You can take the gal out of NYC, but...

Can you really take the NYC out of the gal? So there I was, waiting on yet another line for the ladies' and in back of me, I hear a youngish woman exclaim to no one in particular, how much she hates NYC because we always have lines. Lines for food, lines to check out, lines for the ladies' rooms, lines for clubs, you name it. Then she proceeded to yowl on about how she could never live here and could not understand for the life of her, how someone could actually live here. She was oh so happy living in Greenwich, after which we wanted to throttle her. I lived in NYC from 1990-2000. I loved it, and I lived in era in which there was competition for everything. There was a thriving arts and music scene, museums on every corner, stores carrying the latest and greatest. You had every color of the rainbow here. Yes, when I come for business now, it is different, but I still love NYC. NY gave me so much to be thankful for: friends, my husband, a fun studio in the Meatpacking district (early 2000s), inspiration around every corner, and culture galore. It was a terrific time to be young, free, and daring. Today, I live a very domesticated life in Bucks Country, PA, complete with kids, a house, a studio/store, and a very dear, understanding husband. The energy is fairly calm and the surroundings are very colorful depending on whatever gifts nature chooses to give each season. This influences a lot of what I create each season. Yet, New York's urban influence is readily apparent in the muted colors and dramatic sculptural flair. And to that lady who couldn't deal: if you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen, kids.

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