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Abra Couture Best Seller White Cottonball Necklace

"In 1994, I went from selling on the streets to selling to stores virtually overnight. It was scary and exciting at the same time!"

In 1992, Abra began creating her line out of her

Greenwich Village apartment. She studied alter-

native materials and casting at FIT and RISD

after graduating from Vassar college with a B.A.

in History. On a lark, Abra approached some chic

Soho stores who agreed to carry her jewelry.

Abra continued to sell her work at NYC craft showsIn the spring of 1994, she was approached by a few fashion editors who advised her to send samples to various magazines and apply to wholesale shows. Her first trade show was very successful and Abra Couture was born. The legendary Japanese department store, Takashimaya, was one of the first prestigious stores to carry Abra Couture jewelry. The Museum of Arts and Design featured cases of her work. Abra built an international following with galleries in Korea and the British Virgin Islands.

abra profile.PNG

What makes Abra Couture jewelry so unique is the creation process. Abra designs each component of her jewelry, ensuring every detail is perfect and each necklace and bracelet are able to withstand the rigors of wear. Abra Couture is made up of three groups:  costume, gemstones, and her newest, ACJ, which features foil, resin, and polymer clay.


The Costume Collection is defined by the recycling of materials, including acrylics, cotton, glass, and resin. It is designed to be both beautiful and environmentally friendly. Due to its handmade nature, each finished piece is unique. Abra’s signature “Cotton Ball” jewelry is fashioned out of cotton balls that have been dipped in resin and linked with electroplated silver or gold wire. Surprisingly lightweight, these eye-catching pearl-like creations are a delight to wear and always the topic of conversation.


The Gemstone Collection consists of semiprecious stones, fresh water pearls, and crystals. Abra combines all of these, creating a little color story with each piece. Inspired by the vibrancy of the nature that surrounds her home, Abra often incorporates organic design elements, such as vines and flowers into these intricate semiprecious designs.

The ACJ collection is a line of limited-edition pendants, earrings, trinket bowls, and necklaces made from polymer clay, resin, metallic foils, crushed glass, and recycled materials.  This was created in 2022, to celebrate 30 years in business.

Today, Abra Couture can be found in select boutiques and museum stores nationwide. Abra presently runs a studio/store in the heart of Bucks County by appointment only. Her work is instantly recognizable and has remained proudly handmade in the USA since 1992. 

Abra Couture ….. The Jewelry That Jewelry Lovers Love! Well loved and worn often!

Hi, I'm Abra! Nice to meet you!

Abra of Abra Couture

The Abra Couture cottage studio

The Cottage,  Abra Couture's Studio Store in PA

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