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This is only a test.

2024 has been one wacky year. We have a president who can't think or walk, we have one in the running who is a scary dude and convicted of who knows, and lots of garbage like abortion rights, and women's sports being snatched away from us. We have Antisemitism on the rise, and heck, accepted and promoted, by the so called elite intellectual bastions, who are supposed to be oh so enlightened. We are judging and grouping and segregating people, we are allowing the government to have control over every aspect of our lives (Smart cars? Smart TVS? Spy much?) We have coddled imploding young adults, who refuse to grow up, and whine too much and won't work or get their hands dirty. We have gated communities to keep the unwashed masses at bay, and we have a two tiered system of education and of justice. We have criminals emptying our stores, rioters in the streets and campuses, and ...wait.

We have coffee, and nice beds, and TV, and goldfish and guppies. We have 2 kids that are insane but totally responsible and kind and honest. We have cars and a house, and education. We have vacations, flowers in our yard, and vegetables in our garden. We look at the woodpeckers, and the fireflies at night. We get sand in our toes and our bed, down the shore. We flip burgers on the grill.

I don't know about you, but I am going to try to take pleasure where i can find it and stop watching the news. Good night.

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You are right on target. It seems like we are in an alternate universe filled with hate, bullying, doomsday tales, and fear-mongering, but many of us have so much to be thankful for. It's so important to stop and take a moment to appreciate. I am grateful for the Gorby Family on my blessings list!!


Yes, wasn't born and reared here but and notice that US media is a fear-mongering institution. Get the BBC app instead, or the horrendously expensive Economist . Factual, reliable although more and more subject to the "American model."

On another subject: will you be around this summer? Maybe I will finally make the hellluva drive up to see you and your wares.... Will be trying to convince you to bring back your cotton nacreed earrings. People have tried to buy them off my earlobes!

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