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Getting it together after 30 years!

This has been a momentous year for Abra Couture! 2022 marks our 30th year is business! Way back when, in 1992, I was a newly minted college grad living in NYC.

I was a true hustler, dragging my jewelry around to boutiques, Saturday night streetcorners (drunks love to buy jewelry!), and ye olde flea markets. It was a lot of fun, but it was tough too. It made me very tough, tolerant, and gave me a wicked sense of humor.

Chutzpah: (gutteral Hootz-pah)a Yiddish word used in East Coast colloquial English. It basically means you have major Cajones or um, you are very gutsy almost to the point of foolishness. Well, I had Chutzpah in spades. I saw ideas and designs, went into any store I could, saw how things were created. My goal was to take various influences and create something totally new, and very New York.

I did, and 30 years later, I still love when people surprise me with their style, perhaps pushing personal style boundaries, because as we know, when you wear something special, you feel special.

The plain janes become la dee dah ladies. The style mavens in Advanced Style blogs feature my work to inspire others to follow. My pieces migrate to the necks of those famous and... infamous. Occasionally, my lovely doyennes will post a pic of a TV personality, a newscaster, or some hotzie totzie it girl sporting the classic Abra Couture necklace.

I love it!!

Right now, I am working away on redoing our website, making it easier to navigate and seamless from start to finish. I am mastering social media, a bit at a time, to broadcast my events and the previews.

After 30 years, just maybe I'll get it together this year! Or...maybe sometime in the next year?

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