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Chicago One of A Kind Show

Celebrating 30 years of SHOW BUSINESS! It was great to be a part of a show with such a high caliber of artists and especially the fine art. I enjoyed meeting all new customers and was very engaged with them. Boy, do Chicagoans ask a lot of questions! I was on my feet for14 hours per day and yapped with probably thousands of people. My booth was awesome, and I signed on for next winter 2024. I have known many people in the art world for over 30 years too. We speak a certain patois that needs no explanation. When you know, you know. So... it was great to have that easy familiarity that comes with experience! OMG- can we talk about food? You could just die from all the offerings! Of course, I ate at Lou Malnati's for deep dish pizza, which was not only outstanding but seriously cheapo. I partook in Al's#1 Italian Beef sandwiches too. This consists of a hoagie-like roll covered in poppy seeds with a slathering of beef juices and Giardinera/sport peppers and shaved beef. It is a cross between a Philly cheese steak sans cheese and a French Dip. I gained a couple pounds, but it was worth it!!Thank you Chicago for showing me a good time, feeding me very well, and all of those lovely customers you send my way! Happy Holidays!

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Debbie Weiner
Debbie Weiner
Mar 22, 2023

I have the necklace you’re wearing in the photo. Bought from you in 2008 (?) at Art on Columbus in NYC. 😄


Abra, I LOVE the picture! Cheers to 30 years of amazing talent as you journey into the next 30! You look fabulous!

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