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Are we almost back to 'normalcy'? Hmm...

Joy to the Finally!! Hubby and I met up with my folks outside at an actual live restaurant! It has been a year (plus), since we have gone out to supper. We sat at a lovely table outside, eating seriously great food at none other than our local, Bowman's Tavern. We got waited on! We didn't need masks! It was a bee you tee full day! Our kiddos were so happy to see my folks, and vice versa. It was great, even if we are just approaching normalcy. I have never been so grateful not to clean or cook, just sit on ye olde rump roast, with a good ol laugh n scratch. Afterwards, I hobbled along the canal path, watched turtles swim in the sun, and little troutlets stop and stare up at me wondering if they might be tomorrow's supper. This beauty moved me to tears for no apparent reason, perhaps because we have gotten so accustomed to the Covid life, we forgot what it was to just breathe. I pray we get to normal. I pray we can get together and have fun again. In the meantime, I will definitely go back to Bowman's for their country mushroom sandwich, which was divine. Outside, maybe with hubby in tow...

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