A Brave New World!

Since my stores are mostly closed due to the unrelenting march of Covid 19, I have taken the opportunity to redesign, improve, and reinvent our website.  You will notice that we are making things more user-friendly and paring down our pieces relevant to the season at hand.

 I have been also expanding my materials used. Currently,  am studying under a superstar's tutelage in Polymer Clay, and having a great time learning the usefulness of this great medium.  I felt that there were so many things I wanted to make, but was limited in what I could produce with the skills I have.  All artists need to develop and become an expert in a field, and then apply that knowledge to build up a voice in that material.

I want to give you the most handmade items I can. I still make the chains and the nuggets to my specs, and of course paint and seal some interesting focal points, but now I hope to make some other items like home accessories, decor, boxes, bowls, and fun, whimsical jewelry for teens to wear too!  I will be coming out with a Judaica line, which will be sold exclusively online of course.

Many of my items will be one of a kind or limited edition as well.

So... stay tuned for lots of exciting stuff happening on our blog posts, Facebook and Insta posts and even a video or two!

Stay healthy, and stay safe!



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