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30 Years of Abra Couture Jewelry!

It has been quite a journey. Here are some interesting tidbits you might not know.

- I was trained at Rhode Island School of Design and took classes at FIT and Parsons.

- I made jewelry in high school and in college for expenses

- I sold jewelry on Saturday nights in Soho and on Bleecker St. with a wheelie cart and and a cardboard box covered in a velvet curtain. Keeping it klassy!

- my first actual "show" was PS 41 Greenwich Village flea market held Saturdays in the school yard. The table was $35!

- my first real craft show was Crafts On Columbus, at 80th Street in NYC.

- my first store to carry my work was Wearable Energy, on Houston and Broadway in Soho. Frances Colon was the buyer and designer of high end clothing, and sold out of my inventory in a day.

- I made jewelry for various club personae in downtown NYC.

- I have worked with interior decorators, purse designers, clothing designers, and department stores.

-I have sold work to galleries and boutiques in many countries

- I have helped launch several designers through mentorships.

- I have won an award for Best Booth Design (ACC, Baltimore, 2019)

- I work with cotton balls and paper and resin because the end result is nearly weightless jewelry. This is because I love big jewelry, but can't stand the weight.

- My famous handmade butterfly chain was made at the suggestion of one of my customers in order to make pieces fully adjustable.

- My inspiration for my collars came from Christmas wreaths.

- I have put several kids through college and trade school.

Some memorable moments:

- a man dumped his entire collection of pipes on my table at a craft show and insisted I sell them. Yeah, ok...

- a lady dumped her huge purse on the floor of my booth for no apparent reason. She kept saying she was famous. Hmm...

- I had a lady change her baby on my show chair without asking. Eww.

- I had a man sit down next to me, wearing 3 toothless chiwahwahs held in baby carriers around his chest. He talked a bit to me, then fainted (and died). I had to call an ambulance to pick him up. And yes, I still had to serve customers!

- I was doing a long slow trade show in Boston. The last minute of the show, I was spotted by a buyer at a major chain store. They wrote almost 60k in business in one order for all of their stores. See? You never know!

- I has to call 2 of my cousins to help me take orders in NY because I couldn't write orders any faster.

- My best retail show total was 5 figures in 3 days. Westport, CT. I also had my worst case of shoplifting there.

- I fell in love with my husband on our date at Bookbinders Oyster House in Philadelphia. My fellow exhibitors at the trade show I was doing, mentioned how "glowing" I was.

- all the gals on my row in Handmade in NYIGF were pregnant at the same time! I was 4 months along with twins. And had terrible morning sickness while working!

I feel very fortunate to have great support in my life, and I have paid it forward many times over. So a huge thank you to our customers, and I am grateful for your continued involvement with us, even in the midst of these crazy times we live in. I hope to see you at my wholesale show in Philadelphia (American Handcrafted, booth 1807, 2/19-21) or at a summer show tba!

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