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Wrapped in tarnish resistant wire, our beautiful select pieces are handmade with an array of semiprecious stones such as fresh water pearls, amethyst, laboradorite, quartz, mother of pearl and so much more....


Large/Jumbo Collars

Our best selling jumbo collars are reminiscent of a piece of art nestled on your a sculpture on a woman's neck. Their uniformity allows for comfortable wearing. There is nothing casual about these pieces. Simply put, heads will turn when you walk into the room with one of these adorning you.


T Shirt

Nuggets of resin, vintage pearls and recycled beads each uniquely wire wrapped to form a flexible link necklace that sits fluidly on your neckline... Perfect with a T shirt but can also dress up any casual outfit!



Nicknamed the "Flintstones' Necklaces," by our beloved customers, these show-stopper baubles are reminiscent of the necklaces worn by Wilma Flintstone! They add a certain,  "je ne sais quoi" to a plain sweater, and are designed to be worn at the collarbone or below. A guaranteed conversation starter!


Nugget Collars

Streamlined and industrial yet still bestowing femininity, these modern tailored nugget collars give any outfit a tailored look with a flare of pizzazz.



These fun one-of-a-kind long necklaces can be worn as a single strand or doubled up to add extra dimension and style to any outfit!

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