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Settling in for the Winter...

My daughter is on break from boarding school. I went to fetch her, a bike, 3 huge bags, with the help of my son, who is a day student. We managed to stuff ourselves with all that, into the car. As we passed a cop car, I told my daughter to scootch down and look like a pile of laundry. Which, as rumpled as she is these days, was not hard. We passed the cop car and wended our way home. Carefully, on the lookout for more cops, and our laundry pile m.o. in place.

Those poor kids. They had 7 exams in 4 days. Plus a diagnostic SAT. All I wanted to do was throw them in the shower, wash their stinky laundry, and feed them a roast beef or Turkey plate. My hubby, an ex chef, and a pretend Jewish mother, was on it. Cooking and roasting and stirring and slicing. He was in his element. I swear he would be whistling a jolly tune if I weren't in proximity. It was a lovely quiet evening, with both of our kiddos at home, hanging around and falling all over each other like puppies. With the whir of the washing machine, and the wafting smells of the magical roast beef eminating from the oven, it was a picture of domestic bliss.

Life at home is a nice change from my chaotic art show schedule. I finished my last show for a while, and I am taking a break from my travels to organize my studio, build my retail website, work on my wholesale website, and get organized for my next round of shows that start in January.

In the Winter, I am like a crazy squirrel gathering acorns and stashing them. I plan. I save. I create. I store meats and prep veg for our ensuing starvation time, for I have no income from shows for 3 months. We eat a lot of breakfasts for dinner, spaghetti, and stir fry. I am a master of making a quarter out a two nickels rubbed together!

We are so glad to enjoy the holidays with our friends and families. Honestly, when you travel and hear the stories of people as they regale you with tales of woe whilst shopping for perky pick me ups, it makes you stop and think. Do you have a roof over your head? Check. Do you have food on the table? Yuppers. Do you have friends and family (who put the fun in disfunction?) Ditto. So in the end, if you can check all that stuff off, consider yourself lucky. Then tuck into a nice tasty Turkey...

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