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Off To College! Hooray!

My kiddos (twins, cuz I couldn't make Just one!) are headed to college this fall. Thank you Jeebus. It has been such a haul. You guys know what I mean. The kids today have so many challenges ahead of them: social pressures, socio-economic upheavals, etc. The only thing I know that no one can take away is education. It helped me so much, so what parent/guardian does not want to do that for their charges?

Of course, I do celebrate all ways of betterment: skilled labour is hugely needed in this country, nursing and home health aid is also vital. My kids were a bit unusual in that, Capricorns that they are, are stubborn and driven and knew exactly what they wanted to do when they started their lives. One wants to be a doctor (Cardio-thoracic to be exact) in Pediatrics, and my other one wants to do something like Urban Planning with GIS systems and all the stuff computeryish. *my own word, like Shakespeare.

In the meantime, hubby and I are enjoying our freedom and I am finally able to do things like fix stuff, update stuff, garden, and add to my fish tank collection of baby goldfish, which go on, apparently, to have even more babies. (I am a fish grandma many times over. ) The kids are in Europe on a tour, thanks to us saving along with my folks, and we surprised them for sure! They are going to Spain, England (London), France, Italy, The Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, and Switzerland. Hopefully, they will enjoy all the culture, and baguettes, they have to offer,

I will be updating (finally!) all of my website nonsense, and will be doing a huge number of new shows this year! See you soon!

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