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Leaf Peeper Invasion!

This year is a wonderful return to semi normal. After a ridiculous year, my kids are in school, in person, and are Juniors. They are learning to drive. And not just drive me crazy with their teenage antics! We are doing live events finally, plus I have rebuilt my studio store for visitors, 2 at a time. We all have to adjust to the new normal and my life is no exception! You can make an appointment to come see me personally! Just email me and I will get back to you.

You should see them. The tourists come and invade my area, Bucks County, PA, for what is referred to as "leaf peeping season." Like migrating birds, you see the license plates from New York and they frantically try to find parking and a place that is open to grab a bite. New Hope is full of hustle and bustle, and the leaves could care less. Luckily, I get to see all the beauty right from my front yard: We have a sort of beachfront, lots of trees, and a canal full of geese and ducks. The colors and the energy of this place inspires me daily.

In the meantime, I am launching my business online and on several platforms. The days of me running from show to show are coming to a close. Many of the shows have gone under due to changing tastes, and discretionary spending reduction in the North East. Other shows simply could not hang on, or the CEOs were retiring. So, that and other factors have pushed me in a new ever evolving direction, both artistically and creatively. I hope you will enjoy the new website and read my blogs. I am trying to make the website more accessible to all, as it has been a source of confusion to you my dear fans. Not to worry, this too shall change!

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