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Empty Nesters

We look at each other and can hardly believe we successfully launched twins into the world! They are both away at college. All of a sudden, I have retired somewhat from being the cook, the cleaner, the psychologist, the stylist, the captain of the hoopdie deluxe, the social director, oh the list goes on and on. So what does this mean? This means that we finally got a new car so my hubby and I are not attached at the hip, and I can still do craft shows. I can go to the flea markets to source cool stuff at 5:30 in the morning, without worrying about waking everyone up. If I feel like cooking a healthy stuff, I do not hear a raft of complaints. If I feel like having a glass of wine, I can. It also means that we can actually take a vacation and not worry too much. I can work in the studio and really work on some new pieces.

For hubby, it meant buying some exotic fish and adding to our fish tank collection, which is ridiculous, but heck, it keeps him happy, and I love to talk to the fish every morning as I have my coffee. Our gold fish are doing nicely in our greenhouse pond, and all is right with the world.

I still worry! I still miss them, I wish they could be here, and I wish I could solve every mystery and issue for them, but I am learning how to let go. Hubby and I are learning who we are to each other (again) and it is honestly fun and weird all the same time.

In the meantime, the Abra Couture show list has altered significantly! A lot of shows are now gone post pandemic, or they were swallowed up by a few hardy companies. Wholesale shows are shrinking more and more each season. The well loved original Buyers Market of American Craft, went through several iterations, before taking its last gasp, and was canceled by their newest corporate holding company. It was a slow death, and painful for all of us who literally grew up together, in this crazy business.

Change can be good honestly. It has propelled me to reinvent the business side of things, and pushed me to try new shows, new designs and trim down things I feel are dated or are just not my thing anymore. You will see a lot of streamlining here! Many items will be One of a Kinds or limited to my current stock. The plan for now is that all of our wholesale business will be online, in a new site yet to be built. Onwards!

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